How I Got The Name Jail Bunny

How I Got The Name Jail Bunny

On November 10th, 2015 I went running with 2 coworkers during our lunch break. Our office building is conveniently located next to a nice pond area, which is a great place to run as long as the weather is decent. Depending on the route you take you can run anywhere from 1.5 miles to 6 miles so as you can see this is a great place to get a run in. My coworkers and I were determined to get in the habit of running twice a week together because misery loves company.

So on this chill November day we begin our first official run together. As we were running we were chatting it up. For those who know me I am the type of person who talks with her hands and for those who really know me all my hand gestures actually mean something. Anyways we were about .4 miles away from work when I “gracefully”rolled my ankle. Well more accurately put I rolled my ankle because I was talking about how I wore my winter running legging and apparently I am not coordinated enough to talk with my hands while running. I swear injuring myself is an art form.

Immediately after rolling my ankle I was laying in the grass with my legs in the air enduring lots of pain as my two supportive coworkers laughed “with” me at my misfortune. I positioned myself so that I was still laying in the grass but had my leg propped up on a wall when a police officer pulled up. He had noticed us three girls and nicely decided to check on us. Do to the position I was in I did not know that he was a police officer so from my perspective at the moment I thought he was just a good Samaritan. He offered to give me a ride but out of fear of excepting rides from strangers I started to roll over and act well enough to make it back to work. As I started to reject his offer I saw that he was a cop and quickly changed my mind. “Yes officer you may drive me back to work because I am in no condition to crawl up this hill”. 

I climbed into the back of his squad car and he drove me the .4 miles back to work. Now this story would not be as awesome as it is if the cop just dropped me off at work and I went about my day as normal. No instead he pulled straight up to the front doors at the exact moment that 3 other coworkers of mine were walking out. The cop had a great sense of humor because as he got out of the car to come let me out he (with a straight face) asked my coworkers, “Do y’all know this women?”. This of course causes them to come look inside the cop car and there they see me smiling and waving. One of them playing along remarks, “nope I have never seen this women before”. My VP and couple of the other upper management peeps tried to get a copy of the security footage of me getting out of the cop car so they may also enjoy the humor of my adventure but sadly the camera was down at that moment. 

Work quickly spread throughout the building about me being dropped off at work in the back of a squad car. My only regret of this whole situation is that I was unable to get a picture with my knight in shining squad car. Go figure the moment you want a picture of an event no one has a camera handy. And this is how I got the nickname Jail Bunny from one of my coworkers.

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