One Small Goal At A Time

One Small Goal At A Time

BlogPic47The other week I strapped on my running shoes and hit the trail around the ponds near my work to gauge where I am physically at when it comes to running. While I ran further than I was thinking I would I didn’t make it a full mile before I had to stop and walk (I made it .8 miles). Not going to lie the thought of quitting now did cross my mind because going from running .8 miles to 13.1 miles in under a year seems overwhelming. Also, it doesn’t help that the farthest I have consistently ran without stopping in my life was 6 miles. Plus, I need to note that I only did this once and it was because I was on the treadmill at my local gym with the intention to run 3 miles but was motivated to keep going due to a gorgeous group of guys who happened to be lifting directly in front of my treadmill. However this whole event was years ago (about 4 years I believe) and I stopped running regularly 3 or so years ago (why I stopped I cannot recall but perhaps it was because I was a tired graduate student who didn’t have the energy for running anymore).

Anyways back on topic, after a few more directionless run/walk sessions around the ponds I realized that I really need a plan of attack that will challenge me to push myself without over doing it too quickly. While I am not ready to start with a 12 week half marathon training program I know I have time to build up to one. For now I think I should just focus setting small goals, which are not overwhelming and are attainable within a reasonable amount of time. I am thinking my first small goal should be running a 5K under 40 minutes (3 miles within 40 minutes would put me at a 13:30 minute mile pace).

Long Run PicI managed to find a training program I liked that I believe will help me reach my 5K goal within a reasonable amount of time. This training program was found on Pinterest but you can also find this training program (along with other workout programs) at DAREBEE (which use to be As you might of guessed it this training program is a run/walk program that will push me to increase how long I can consistently run without stopping. It is only a 30 day program, which for now is a good amount of time for me to commit to. Each day will consist of a short run workout. It looks like the longest workout will take 50 minutes (including a 5 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down) however most workouts look to be 15 minutes long. Since the bulk of these workouts will be under 30 minutes, I will be able to do them in conjunction with some other non running workouts I am currently doing, such as yoga and cycling.

Even though I found this training program last week I haven’t been able to start it due to being busy getting this blog up and going while also pulling together all the gear I need to run without injuring myself (it took awhile for my new running shoes to be delivered). However, I am a little more organized now and am ready to begin. So without wasting any more time I will be starting this training program today! Wish me luck!


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