How Badly Do I Want To Workout???

How Badly Do I Want To Workout???

Pic8For the past month and a half I have been bad about taking advantage of my membership at Sunstone Yoga. So in an effort to get back to taking 2-3 yoga classes a week I made it my goal to make a yoga class today. With my gym bag packed and water bottle ready there were no excuses I could make to yet again skip yoga. I made sure to hydrate throughout the day so that I would survive the Fire Class since I usually sweat like a sinner in church.

From work I drove straight to the yoga studio. Once there I threw on my workout clothes and setup my mat in the front left corner. I like unobstructed views of myself in the mirrors while doing yoga. At this point I was feeling fantastic. My yoga clothes looked super cute I actually was in the studio ready for class to go. I was pumped.

Like clock work the instructor began the class on time. We started with some breathing exercises to warm up the body. Sweat was already running down my forehead. Any notion of not washing my hair today quickly went out the window. As we went through the warm up my mind started to quiet and I was feeling really good about being here on my mat sweating out all these toxins that my body has been holding onto.

Before I knew it, it was time for us to do the posture that required us to reach down and touch our toes. I took a deep breath in as I raised my arms above my head. Then as I slowly exhaled I elegantly folded over reaching for my toes. As I checked my posture in the mirror I saw the hole in my yoga pants. Terror shot through me. There was a quarter size hole on my right butt cheek. Since my yoga pants were gray with pink lines on it, it was easy to see my ghost white skin peaking through.

In that instance my mind was swarmed with questions. How long has this hole been there? Has anyone else noticed my bare skin peaking through? What should I do? Should I leave? No, I can’t leave this is my first yoga class in over a month I need to see this through. But, how can I keep going without flashing the whole studio? This is when I had to ask myself how badly I wanted to workout today because I could easily accept the excuse that my yoga pants were ripped to pick up my mat and walk out right then and there. However part of me was super determined to get this yoga class in for the day. I knew that if I left I wouldn’t do any other type of workout today so I stayed to the bitter end.

To the yoga instructor who I know saw my hole thank you for not reacting to it and to the other yogis in the studio with me I am guessing you had no clue because y’all were so busy with your own workouts that you didn’t have time to notice my wardrobe malfunction. So what did I learn after this experience? 1) Always check your yoga pants before setting up your mat for class. 2) It could have been much worse. 3) That yoga instructor has amazing composure because if I was in her shoes I would of had to end class because I was laughing to hard to keep going. 4) My gains from taking that yoga class will stick with me longer than the moment of embarrassment I had.

Pic11Perhaps I am a little more dedicated to my training than I thought. Here is hoping that I keep pushing myself as my training gets harder. Wish me luck!


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