Running Report #1

Running Report #1

I am 10 days into “The Long Run” training program and I have so many mixed feelings about this whole running goal of mine. Day 1 I was so gun hoe about making running a half marathon a reality that even though I had a softball game that evening I still managed to turn this day’s 4 minute run 1 minute walk into a 30 minute treadmill workout. However come Day 2 I completely forgot about doing that day’s 5 minute run 5 minute walk until after 9pm and by that point I was about to go to bed so I just skipped it. Clearly my dedication to training is already faltering.

Even though I worked out every day but Thursday last week I did not faithfully stick with my running program. On Tuesday I did an hour of hot yoga and was too tired and dehydrated to also squeeze in a small run. So come Wednesday I did both Tuesday’s run in addition to Wednesday’s run, which made a great 50 minute interval workout. By Thursday I was extremely tired that once I got home from work I passed out in bed so needless to say I did nothing but sleep that day. Despite my flakiness I was able to run 15 minutes straight at a 12 minute mile pace on Saturday.

Running 15 minutes straight was a small victory for me because when I started this I could barely run 8 minutes without stopping. It is nice to see progress even though I know I have a long way to go until my end goal. Anyways getting back on track, I did manage to learn a little bit more about myself and my running style over these 10 days.

I learned that I am the type of runner who starts a run at full speed who then shortly after starting am unable to maintain their starting pace so they drop their pace way down. If you look at my first couple run stats my first mile pace was close to 10 minute mile however the next 2 miles’ paces were around 13-14 minute miles. Since I have been doing this running program on the treadmill it is easy for me to select a reasonable pace and stick with it the whole run. For instance on Saturday I did my whole 15 minute run at a 12 minute mile pace and when my 15 minutes was up I felt like I could have kept going. This made me realize that when I start running outside again I am going to have to work on pacing myself. Luckily my fitness tracker will be able to help me with this.

When I was doing the 10 minute run on Wednesday my calves started tightening up around 5 minutes into my run however I kept going and by 8 minutes in my calves started loosening up. From this experience I realized that I have to push past my mental block and keep going. While it wasn’t pleasant when my calves were tightening up it really wasn’t painful enough to stop. I am a strong believer in listening to your own body and resting in effort to prevent an injury however I am realizing that there is a difference in my muscles hurting because I am making them stronger and my body hurting because its injured. My Boo is going to laugh when he reads this because he has been telling me to push through the pain while we are cycling together. I am definitely not as badass as he is when it comes to pushing through the pain but hopefully as I continue training I will become at least half as badass as he currently is.

To rap up this progress report I am 10 days into my first small running goal and I have already learned quiet a bit about myself and my running style despite the fact that I was far from perfect. Over the next 20 days I need to work on pacing myself throughout my entire run while also pushing through my mental blocks. So here’s hoping that I actually apply what I have learned over these next several runs. Wish me luck!


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