Running Report #2

Running Report #2

At this point I am about 20 days into The Long Run running program that I started to help me quickly build up to being able to run a 5K in under 40 minutes and I have to say that I am on the border of doing well and doing horribly. While I am still not following the program perfectly I have managed to hit the big mile stone runs. As of today I was able to run 25 minutes straight without stopping!!! This is huge for me since I haven’t ran this long consistently in years.

IMG_1319While I don’t really want to admit it I have pretty much started doing my own thing when it comes to training. The Long Run running program is a good one and I would recommend it to those who are just starting out however for those who like to push themselves when they run or who like to get a full cardio workout in when you run then this isn’t the plan for you. At this point I am running 3 days a week and I strive to improve on my 5K time.

Pic31At the beginning of this week I cut down my warm up from being a 10 minute walk to a 5 minute walk. From there I either do a 3 min run/2 min walk interval until I reach 3.1 miles or I run as long as I possibly can stand (25 minutes as of today) and then walk until I reach 3.1 miles. My 5K time is a few seconds over 40 minutes which is so close to my goal of doing a 5K under 40 minutes. Friday I am going to aim for breaking 40 minutes even if it is just by a few seconds I am determined to do it.

Pic94Every time I see the countdown at the bottom of my blog for my upcoming 5K I get nervous. Up to this point all my runs have been on a treadmill because its HOT outside right now. I really don’t want my first 3 mile run outdoor to be my 5K because I really might psych myself out during it by telling myself I am not ready. I know I need to run outside ASAP however again it is hot and I am not a morning person who can easily wake up and run before the sun comes up. Wish me luck I am going to have to figure out how to run outside without dying from the extreme Texas heat!


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