21 Day Fix Challenge Accepted

21 Day Fix Challenge Accepted

I am not going to lie that while I have been good about running 3 days a week I am still in this aimless training phase. I need to step up my training by adding cross training to the mix. Plus it is time for me to get serious about my nutrition. Thanks to some convincing by one of my Facebook friends who is in love with Beachbody fitness programs I have committed to doing the 21 Day Fix over the next few weeks.

Pic103For those who do not know the 21 Day Fix is a workout and nutrition program that focuses on portion control. The idea is not to restrict your eating by cutting out certain food groups rather it encourages you to eat every food group just in healthy portions. Plus, the workouts are just 30 minutes which is perfect for me right now as it will allow me to get my runs in addition to these workouts without overextending myself.

Pic104Since I got a free 30 day trial of Beachbody On Demand when I bought my 21 Day Fix challenge pack I was able to start the workouts last week. Without this free trial I would have had to wait until I received my challenge pack in the mail. I really loved being able to stream my workouts where ever I was. Most of the week I did my workouts at my company’s group fitness room and then over the weekend I did my workouts in my bedroom. While the workouts are only 30 minutes long I was sweating by then end of them and by Wednesday I was hurting bad (in a good way of course).

Pic108Starting today I have added in the nutrition part of the program since my challenge pack arrived Friday. Saturday I planned out most of my meals for the week and hit the grocery store to stock up on health whole foods. Even though I am not limited on what I can eat with this nutrition program I am going to try my best to avoid Dairy, Gluten, Corn, Barley, and Chocolate due to my food sensitivities.

Pic62Each week I will post a recap of how I am doing on this 21 Day Fix Challenge. While I am hoping for astounding results I am nervous that my Hashimoto’s will keep me from really loosing any weight so I have decided to not focus strictly on weight loss as an indicator of success but rather on a number of success factors, such as increased confidence and better eating habits. While it would be nice to loose some weight for both shallow and health reasons my end goal of running a half marathon is to form healthier lifestyle habits that will allow me to live a long and healthy life despite having Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

Wish me luck cause I’m really going to need it this week as I change up my diet!!!


***We took the dogs for frozen yogurt yesterday so I could have 1 last tasty treat before I give up dairy for awhile. Sophie loved it because she got a lot of attention from strangers and she tried her best to eat as much froyo as she could.***

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