5K Race Recap

5K Race Recap

On Saturday, August 20th, morning I participated in the Hot Hatch Chile Run, Walk, and Roll 5K and it certainly was an eventful morning.

5KpicKnowing myself and knowing that I would not want to wake up 2 hours early to do packet pick up at the actual event I decided to knock out this task during my lunch break on Friday. Luckily for me Central Market is just a 15 minutes drive from work so swinging by and getting my gear was not problem. Plus since I hadn’t packed my lunch for the day I was able to grab a salmon avocado roll and some ice tea for lunch while I was there. Packet pick up was accomplished with no problems. It is nice when everything runs smoothly.

Pic161By Friday night the weather was looking pretty ominous and the realization that this event would be rained out was coming ever clearer. Before crawling into bed for the night I checked Playtri’s Facebook page for any new updates on the status of the event and for the time being it was still a go. So I set my alarm to wake up with time to get dressed, eat a healthy breakfast, and get to the venue 30 minutes before start time.

As my alarm went off early Saturday morning all I really wanted to do was roll over and keep sleeping (I am not a morning person so waking up when I really don’t have to is not a strength of mine). I could hear the rain hitting my bedroom window so the first thing I did was check Playtri’s Facebook page for an update and to my selfish pleasure I read that the start time had been postponed by 30 minutes. Happily I reset my alarm and slept an additional 30 minutes. Sophie my maltipoo was also very happy about this additional sleep. When my alarm went off again I checked Facebook for any new updates but there were none so determined to finish out my small goal and complete this 5K I got up and ready.

Pic151Upon arriving at the race venue I received the email stating that the 5K had been turned into a virtual one due to the unruly weather. Luckily for me my trip to the venue was not wasted because they were still serving the free breakfast and a few vendors showed up to hand out freebies. Being the sucker I am for free stuff I spent sometime taking pictures, collecting all the free stuff I could, and talking to a few vendors before heading home. As you can tell from the from my pictures of the venue I wasn’t the only dedicated runner who showed up for the free food.

Due to my food intolerance to dairy and gluten I ended up giving my brother my free breakfast but I did enjoy the free Bolivian coffee, which was awesome black. No sweeteners or creamers needed! I will be buying some of this coffee once I run out of my current stash.

Once I returned home I was ready to knock this 5K out even though they were giving everyone until the end of day on Sunday to turn in our times. I jumped up on my treadmill threw on an episode of Psych and started running. Before I knew it I was 8 minutes into my run. 20 minutes in I started to feel my muscles tightening up and my mental block made its appearance. However I was determined to beat my current 5K time so I kept running. Then as I reached the 28 minute mark I knew I just had 5 more minutes until I reached my goal and it was as if my runners high kicked in because all of a sudden my muscles felt great and I felt like I could have just ran all day. As I had hoped I ran the full 5K nonstop in my quickest time of 33 minutes and 34 seconds. Proud of myself I submitted my time and pictures to Playtri. Now I just have to wait for my finisher medal to arrive in the mail.

Pic158 Despite the rain I really had a blast with this 5K. It was cool that even though the race got rained out I was still able to do it virtually. Just a few years ago if a race would of been rained out that would of been the end of it. However by letting us submit our times virtually we are still able to earn our finisher medals. Finally, to all the vendors who showed up to the venue in the rain thank you. You showing up and being there made this a fun rainy morning.

Pic145With achieving this small goal of mine I need to set a new goal for myself. There is no stopping now that I just started making progress towards my overall goal of running a half marathon. Wish me luck!



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