I Registered For The Lantern Run

I Registered For The Lantern Run

What comes after running a 5K? You guessed it running a 10K! I registered for The Lantern Run being held on October 1st, which is only 37 days away. I know what you are thinking that is a really short period of time to double my distance. But I figured that I would have an easier time increasing my distance once I built up to 3 miles. On October 1st we will see if my theory holds up as I will be running ready or not.

Also, good news I will not be running this 10K alone like I did the Hot Hatch Chile Run, Walk, & Run 5K. Instead my brother will be joining me in this adventure. Back around 2012 we ran a handful of 5Ks and mud runs together. However he kept running and increasing his distances while I stopped to focus my limited energy on getting through grad school. It will be nice to cross the finish line together and add this race to the list of races we have ran together.

TLR_templateDallas_grandeSince I blew my first goal of running a 5K under 40 minutes out of the water (33 minutes and 34 seconds to be exact) I want to set a little more challenging goal for my 10K. Right now the pace I seem to be comfortable with is between 10:45 min/mile and 11:30  min/mile. So for the 10K I want my time to be at or under 1 hour and 6 minutes, which is an average of a 11 min/mile. I can do this I know I can and I have to remember I can when my mental block tells me I can’t!!!

As for training I am going to follow the below training schedule, which incorporates both running and strength training. To help me prevent injury I am going to limit my running to just 3 days a week, which any avid runner knows is hard to do when you are addicted to running.

10K Training

Finally, if you’ve registered for The Lantern Run let me know so I can find you there!!!


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