I Will Not Go Down W/Out A Fight

I Will Not Go Down W/Out A Fight

While I am proud of my first 10K time of 1 hour and 7 minutes I know that I am able to reach my October goal of 1 hour and 3 minutes with a few more weeks of dedicated training. So in effort to reach this goal before October comes to an end I registered for the NTMC Foundation Halloween Hustle 10K being held the morning of October 29th.


Race information can be found at http://www.ntmcfoundation.org/ and if you feel inclined to run with me you can click here to go to the registration page. For those who sign up let me know so I can keep an eye out for you at the race!


Training Plan

For the month of October I have decided to change up my fitness plan. For the past few months I have been doing a modified version of the 21 Day Fix fitness program and while I have enjoyed it I feel like it is time to switch things up and push myself in a new way. For the next 60 days I will be doing a modified version of the Brazilian Butt Lift fitness program. When I say modified version what I mean is that I will be following the workout program as closely as I can while switching out the cardio workouts for my runs. My weekly  workout schedule looks as follows:

  • Monday – Bum Bum Rapido + Tummy Tuck (30 minutes)
  • Tuesday – High & Tight + 3 mile run (55 minutes)
  • Wednesday – Sculpt (50 minutes)
  • Thursday – 3 to 4 mile run (45 minutes)
  • Friday – Bum Bum Rapido + Tummy Tuck (30 minutes)
  • Saturday – 7 mile run (90 minutes)
  • Sunday – Rest Day

Last week I followed this plan and by Friday I was hurting all over so I ended up taking Friday as an additional rest day. Hopefully as I continue with this program I will stop feeling so sore and start feeling stronger.

Also, for the past 2 weeks I have been doing poorly at avoiding my trigger foods so starting today I am once again making an effort to avoid gluten, dairy, corn, barley, and chocolate. By avoiding all these foods I am pretty much forced to eat clean which is easier to do by planning ahead and having stuff on hand so I don’t fall into my starvation mode that leaves me eating anything and everything in front of me.

Ideally if I eat clean and train hard by October 29th I will be able to achieve (if not exceed) my running goal. This is definitely easier said than done so wish me luck y’all cause I have a lot of work to do over these next 3 weeks!!!



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